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How We Do What We Do

NHWL utilizes two software systems for detail design and drafting of industrial facilities: Aveva's PDMS and AutoCAD.

PDMS is a three-dimentional (3D) design engineering system for the process plant, oil, gas and power related industries. PDMS dramatically increases efficiency and reduces costs throughout the engineering life cycle, from design through fabrication, operation and maintenance. PDMS does this by creating an accurate full color 3D computer engineering model which can be accessed by designers, engineers, project managers and clients. Project deliverables, such as drawings and bills of materials, are then generated intelligently from the model, ensuring consistency of information across all design documents.

At the heart of PDMS is a powerful multi-user project database coupled to a full scale 3D solid modeling system. As the design is developing, a database is built up containing detailed information for all design areas. There are no limits to the size or complexity of projects which PDMS can handle. PDMS allows users to configure the types of information stored in the database to meet particular company and project specifications. The effective use of catalogues ensures consistency of data, however many individual designers are assigned to the project.

The PDMS database contains information on all plant items and enables designers to carry out 3D interference checks between and within disciplines. The complete model is checked for design consistency before any design information or drawings are released for fabrication and construction. Once installation is complete, PDMS helps plan maintenance procedures, design alterations and safety routines, acting as a powerful plant management resource throughout the life of the installation.

Standard output such as engineering data reports, bills of materials, general arrangement, detail and isometric drawings are all derived from PDMS which means fast, accurate and comprehensive deliverables. Engineering drawings are quickly produced on any aspect of the design, including sections and perspective drawings for use during construction and commissioning. PDMS provides total drawing integrity as the design changes, so drawings can be kept up to date automatically. These intelligent documents revolutionize information management by ensuring that data is accurate and up to date.

Used in over 30 countries, PDMS is managing projects in the chemical, oil, gas, nuclear, power, and pharmaceutical industries. PDMS has become the industry standard for 3D design engineering and its database is safeguarding project data worth many billions of dollars all over the world.

To supplement PDMS, NHWL uses AutoCAD to provide standard details to complete the design documents. Depending upon client requirements, all drawings generated by PDMS can be converted to AutoCAD format for the "record-set" drawing delivery.

Other software utilized by NHWL's design disciplines which can read and manipulate the PDMS
data are:



Structural Analysis STAAD Pro/RamSteel
Pipe Stress Analysis Caesar II
Project Reports Microsoft Access
Equipment/Instrument Data Microsoft Access